Source of Dansk RX-4000 EPROMs?

(Photo: Mount Evelyn DX Report)

(Photo: Mount Evelyn DX Report)

SWLing Post reader, Lindsay (VK3CML), recently contacted me with the following question about his Dansk RX-4000 receiver:

I’m in need of a set of EPROMs, for my Dansk RX- 4000. It uses three EPROMs to program the micro; one of these has developed a fault, which shuts the radio down. Could be interested in another radio if in working order. The EPROMs are 2732/64/128.

I have tried to contact Dansk, and I am still waiting a reply.

Maybe you or someone in your group could help in this matter? Of course, I’m quite prepared to pay all costs.

Thank you Lindsay. VK3CML

Post readers: If you can help Lindsay locate a set of EMPROMs or another RX-4000, please comment!

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9 thoughts on “Source of Dansk RX-4000 EPROMs?

  1. Mats

    Hello May name is Mats Goeransson and i am living in Stockholm the Capital city of Sweden.
    I am a proud owner of a DANISH RADIO RX 4009 same as RX4000 and i wonder i sombody has the the small on and off breaker with the potensiometer for the light on the display for that radio.
    Let me know by email.
    vy 73`de Mats from Stockholm

  2. Bob Howie

    I have a couple of RX4000 receivers and a M3000 receiver as well.
    I agree with the comments above; if you can obtain the blank eproms and have access to an eprom programmer then I would be prepared to loan you a set of eproms from one of my RX 4000 units for you to copy to the new eprom. I dont know if the software version was the latest but it works OK in my unit.

    I would consider selling one of my units if you are still interested in buying another receiver.
    Bob, VK1MRH


      Bob, Good afternoon from a very hot NW Victoria. Yes I am interested in buying another RX-4000. Please let me know price and condition and any other relevant details. Lindsay VK3CML

  3. Cap

    Fond memories of programming/testing and then wiping EPROMS under UV light on my electronics course, back in the day, fun stuff!
    Also etching PCB tracks in the tanks…….oh memories!

  4. Anil

    The manufacturer Dansk Radio folded a long time ago. The RX-4000 is not an unusual radio to find in scandinavia and I suggest the danish site where you can look for help. If you advertise “looking for help” in english I am sure you’ll find someone who can help out with spares.

    1. Edward

      Did Dansk make it into Sams Fotofact? It is ironic that a lot of old tube radios have lots of supporting documentation bu the newer stuff just vanishes. A lot of stuff made in China does not seem to have any tech documentation. I wonder if Dansk kept the schematics/service info propriety and tightly held.

  5. Edward

    These are a custom programmed part. The 2732 is a UV erasable part with a quartz window you can see the chip through which means that they need microprocesser code to be downloaded into them for the radio to work. The only other alternative is if someone has an identical radio, copy the data from the programmed eprom into a blank part you can get from Jameco, ebay ect. You may try copying your part into an eprom programmer then burn the copied code into a blank part. If you are in luck, it maybe a timing problem in their eprom and the code copies into the blank eprom

    Make sure that you put a piece of black electrical tape over the window if it does not already have a label over it.

    If not you may have a paper weight on your hand. that is the downside of SDR technology. 1940’s radios can be repaired but 1990’s digital radios become e-waste.


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