Update: North American DX Contest

Zenith-Dial-2Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who writes:


NASWA, Universal Radio, Inc. and CIDX, is sponsoring the North American Shortwave DX contest “The Final Countdown” which will start on 00:00 UTC hours on 7 January 2017. The contest is open to all North American SWLers and DXers.

Contest forms for those interested can be obtained by e-mailing me at: [email protected] or mailing me a request to:

John P. Cooper 734 Sally Ann Drive, Lebanon, PA 17046.

Prizes for 1st-3rd place will be provided by Universal Radio Inc., and Contest Certificates suitable for framing will be mailed to each contestant. Beat the January doldrums! This is a great chance to sharpen your DXing & SWLing skills or just a chance to dust off that old SW radio stashed away and see what’s on the SW bands now.

Many thanks, John for organizing and championing this contest. And a special thanks to Universal Radio, CIDX and NASWA for supporting it!

Richard Langley also suggests checking out the following link for more contest details:


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One thought on “Update: North American DX Contest

  1. John C.

    I constantly have heard people state that the Hobby is dead or dying. I’ve refused to adhere to this philosophy. Even though I’ve only been in the Hobby for five years now, I still believe we have a lot of years left. That’s one of the reasons I decided it’s about time to have a contest. I’m impressed by the support and interest because let me tell you, in the beginning all I heard was it will never fly! So I started out with the Survey which did go well, going above the cutoff for positive responses I had set. Now we are well on our way to maybe, just maybe breaking 50 or more contestants? Why not? There’s more than 50 people who SWL and DX weekly, daily, monthly as far as I know. Thanks for all the support!


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