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North American Shortwave DX Contest Results

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who writes:

Greetings fellow DXers and SWLers.

The North American Shortwave DX Contest, “The Final Countdown,” has come to a close. Participation expectations were high with 50 requests for Contest form packets being received and sent out to prospective contestants.

The actual contest participation in the contest was another matter with only 10 contestants completing out of 13 competing which equaled out to a final 20% participation rate in the contest. 3 contestants dropped out, 1 due to a personal issue, 2 equipment failures due to blizzard conditions in Utah destroying a rooftop antenna, and 1 SW receiver failure.

The question I have is why the lack of actual participation? Was the contest to hard? Or as I have the sinking gut feeling, the Shortwave hobby truly is dying a slow painful death? Thus the contest name “The Final Countdown,” sounds prophetic.

Although Propagation conditions were lousy during the 21 days. of January the contest was held on, there were several days of good DX openings as I participated as an observer, and was able to score high. I would have personally placed in the top 5 if officially entering.

There were 3 great prizes donated by Universal Radio Inc., for the top three finishers, and they were a main sponsor along with NASWA who donated several months of Journal space for the contest packet forms and CIDX who also published the contest forms packet in their excellent monthly electronic newsletter. These are the largest Shortwave Clubs/Associations in North America. Additionally I want to thank Thomas Witherspoon for posting several announcements, reminders, and contest form packets on the SWLing Post, one of my favorite sites for radio information.

The bottom line is those that did participate stated they enjoyed themselves and in some cases the joy of SWLing and DXing were rekindled again after many years of inactivity. That’s a good sign!


John P. Cooper
Contest Manager
“The Final Countdown”

Click here to download the The North American Shortwave DX Contest score sheet (PDF).

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Update: Countdown to the North American Shortwave DX Contest

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who shares the following announcement:


“The Final Countdown” 2017

Just a friendly reminder that the North American SW DX Contest, “The Final Countdown,” will be starting in a few weeks.  The Holidays are upon us and time is flying.

Remember the Contest starts at:

00:00 UTC, 1/7/17 thru 00:00 UTC, 1/29/17.

Get your contest forms if you haven’t yet by contacting me at: [email protected] or mail at: John P. Cooper, 734 Sally Ann Drive, Lebanon, PA 17046.

Additionally, the entrance fee is not due until you submit your final entry forms. $5.00 is the cost of entry, check, money order or cash accepted. Checks and Money Orders should be made out to John P. Cooper.

Universal Radio Inc. is sponsoring the contest and has donated really Great Prizes for 1-3rd place that will be awarded along with Certificates of Completion for all who participate with contest standing annotated on them. The NASWA, and CIDX are also sponsors of this event.

Since most of us DXers will be ready for some action after the Holidays are over this is your chance to participate in a great Contest. Support your Hobby.

Remember, the contest is open to all North American DXers regardless of membership in any club or organization. Any questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

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Update: North American DX Contest

Zenith-Dial-2Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who writes:


NASWA, Universal Radio, Inc. and CIDX, is sponsoring the North American Shortwave DX contest “The Final Countdown” which will start on 00:00 UTC hours on 7 January 2017. The contest is open to all North American SWLers and DXers.

Contest forms for those interested can be obtained by e-mailing me at: [email protected] or mailing me a request to:

John P. Cooper 734 Sally Ann Drive, Lebanon, PA 17046.

Prizes for 1st-3rd place will be provided by Universal Radio Inc., and Contest Certificates suitable for framing will be mailed to each contestant. Beat the January doldrums! This is a great chance to sharpen your DXing & SWLing skills or just a chance to dust off that old SW radio stashed away and see what’s on the SW bands now.

Many thanks, John for organizing and championing this contest. And a special thanks to Universal Radio, CIDX and NASWA for supporting it!

Richard Langley also suggests checking out the following link for more contest details:


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