The Sony ICF-7600 analog receiver on eBay $49.99 shipped

Only last week a reader had asked me about a good analog shortwave receiver for her grandfather. Among a few other receivers (including the Sony ICF-SW11) I had recommended the original Sony ICF-7600 with the caveat that it’s a little long in the tooth (i.e. vintage), but would likely give him years of enjoyment if in good shape. I’ve only used this analog version of the ‘7600 once, but recall that it seemed quite sensitive.

This morning, I noticed the ‘7600 above–it comes with the original box and is being sold by a Seller with 100% positive feedback. I almost purchased it just to do a mini review, but am currently trying to downsize my collection, not add to it! (I also have a Tecsun S-8800 on the way for review.)

Click here to view on eBay.

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One thought on “The Sony ICF-7600 analog receiver on eBay $49.99 shipped

  1. Barry Sallade

    While I was looking at the ICF-7600 ad on Ebay i saw this little gem in the related items below.

    Sony ICF-Pro80 , it is ashame there is something wrong with radio. Still, i might consider one like it in operating oder. Cheers.


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