2017 DSWCI Domestic Broadcast Survey available for download

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Trevor, who writes:

I was very pleased this morning to discover that the latest (2017, 19th edition) of the Domestic Broadcasting Survey has been posted on the DSWCI website:

Click here to download (PDF).

Wow–thanks for the tip, Trevor!

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5 thoughts on “2017 DSWCI Domestic Broadcast Survey available for download

  1. Rob Wagner

    Anker is still producing the Domestic Broadcast Survey despite the fact that the Danish Shortwave Club International is no longer in existence. Previously, DBS was always distributed under the banner of DSWCI and was a paid-for product. So it is wonderful that Anker has decided to offer this edition of DBS for free. If you do download it and find it useful, PLEASE advise Anker by sending him an email. In the introduction he writes:

    “The shortwave broadcasting scene is changing every day and your updates are always welcome to the editor by e-mail: [email protected] . I wish to follow your interest in the continued publication of the DBS, so please acknowledge to me by e-mail, if you downloaded DBS-19.”

    Giving feedback to Anker and showing your gratitude will hopefully encourage him to produce future editions of this valuable publication. Thanks.


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