The new Cross Country Wireless HF Preselector

(Source: Southgate ARC)

Cross Country Wireless release HF Preselector

Cross Country Wireless have released a HF Preselector.

It is a passive high Q design that does not use an amplifier or external power.

It tunes from 0.5 to 52 MHz.

It is ideal for use with simple SDR receivers like the RTF-SDR dongle with upconverter or SDRPlay. It can also be used with the new receiver socket modification on the IC-7300.

The web page has more details including network analyser plots showing the selectivity of the Preselector.

The web page is:

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2 thoughts on “The new Cross Country Wireless HF Preselector

  1. Bertrand

    already ordered one… Delivery elay is extremely long… 4 to 5 weeks…
    No schematics… No information about shipping date…
    Just nothing ….

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