CC Buds-Pro: new in-ear phones from C.Crane

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who shares the following sales flyer from C.Crane:

NEW! CC Buds-Pro

Designed and built for voice clarity and less listening fatigue

A recent post from The Wall Street Journal indicates “An estimated 30 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss and the numbers are growing. A study published last month by John Hopkins University researchers, predicted that the number of U.S. adults with hearing loss will nearly double by 2060…”

Buy Two CC Buds Pro and get the Third pair FREE!

I will plan to grab a pair of these in the near future. I keep a pair of the original CC Buds in my Elecraft KX2 go-kit–I find that they’re well-suited for ham radio work and the audio fidelity is quite good for music as well.

I used the original CC Buds on at least 80 National Parks on the Air activations last year. They’re a great choice for sound isolation–more than once I had to set up next to a road and the in-ear buds eliminated all of the noises from passing cars so that I could focus on working pile-ups!

Thanks for the tip, Troy!

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5 thoughts on “CC Buds-Pro: new in-ear phones from C.Crane

  1. Frank K

    I looked and found that the frequency response with these is 20- 20,000 hz. I have cheapies from Walmart that have the same spec. I like earbuds and I’m sure these are fine and well prices but I’m unclear how they are “designed for voice clarity”. Is it because of a smaller driver?

    1. RonF

      Take blanket specs like “20-20,000Hz” on any cheap audio gear with a huge grain of salt. It means nothing except maybe “it’s what’s people expect to see, so we’ll say it”, and very likely isn’t the result of any real testing or design. Kind of like the “No Added Fat!” labels I’ve seen on bags of sugar…

      FWIW, while these may be “Designed and built for voice clarity and less listening fatigue”, chances are they’ve just got a very slack non-flat frequency response that just happens to boost frequencies in the typical “300Hz-3.4KHz” comms voice range. I also note you can buy identical-looking earbuds for < 1/10th the price on Ali & Taobao.

  2. Edward

    My preferences are for headphones. Earbuds are a cockamamie idea pushed by apple with their iphone. buds can become painful after a spell of listening.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I agree with you about how painful some earbuds are over time. I all but gave up on them at one point.

      But the advent of the in-ear earphone (like the CC Buds) is a completely different story. They have a soft silicon earpiece that fits comfortably (for most, at least) in-ear and isolates sound well enough that I even use them while running a chainsaw or lawnmower. They’ve seriously revolutionized my listening and I use them daily. Some models are comfortable enough you can wear them in bed and they don’t hurt if you fall asleep.


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