The SDRplay RSP2 on Linux: a step-by-step guide

The SDRplay RSP2

Many thanks to Jon Hudson with SDRplay who recently shared the following video by Kevin Loughin which details the installation and operation of of the RSP2 on Linux. Kevin has written scripts that make the installation process more accessible to those not as familiar with Linux.

According to Kevin, this will run on Ubuntu 16.04 and other Debian-based Linux distributions.

Check out Kevin’s video below (or on YouTube). Kevin also published a step-by-step guide on his blog.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to read step-by-step instructions on Kevin’s blog.

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8 thoughts on “The SDRplay RSP2 on Linux: a step-by-step guide

  1. John

    Latest unbuntu lite on SAMSUNG NC10 ran 1st script Ran Sdr play driver script and finally script 2 and just got it taking to RSP2 but audio is only configured for pulse and is stuttering 50% will try and figure it out tomorrow
    It does seem to work
    Any suggestions on the audio would be appreciated

  2. Tom

    Have tried Kevin’s scripts to get Rsp2 working on mint 18.2 and ubuntu 18.04 and can’t get by “can’t create opengl context” it works but is hard to get on freq. Also got error on 18.04 install about needing to update microcode and don’t know if there related. using dell inspiron i5 64 bit and thinnk I have 8g ram. Have been on linux about 6 3 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Bob

    I got it working on Mint and I’m a beginner with Linux. I just follow someone else’s instructions. Cubic works but it need some refining to make it more user friendly.
    GQRX looks and works better unfortunately not with the RSPlay.
    Unfortunately I can’t wipe Windblows from my computer yet.

  4. Martin Potts WB0TRG

    CubicSDR loads but there are no Devices. The Driver Script was downloaded but never used.
    I went back thru the YouTube vidio several times looking for instructions.
    Very novice with Ubuntu.
    How do I get the drivers loaded?

  5. Cap

    Superb, got my RSP2 working on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS now.
    I did have to add: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils-extra libgl1-mesa-dev libglapi-mesa mesa-common-dev
    And run this in the wxWidgets-3.1.0 folder: wx-config –libs –unicode=yes
    Then run the scripts.
    Apart from that, the scripts worked perfect.

  6. Edward

    Is the code open source? Maybe I could get some insight on how it works. I never could get my sdr fob to work on windows. All the windows versions are closed freeware.


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