Radio Caroline to broadcast on 648 kHz mediumwave

(Source: Southgate ARC and Mike Terry)

Caroline to be on 648 kHz with 1 kW ERP

We can now announce that our AM frequency will be 648 kHz with a power of 1000 watts. This is ERP or simply the power radiated by the aerial.

A transmitter was imported from the Continent a few days ago and is now being modified to suit the frequency. There are further hurdles, but as you can see progress is being made.

It’s taken Radio Caroline 53 years to get an AM licence and it was perceived as a threat to the BBC for many years.

Ironically 648 kHz was best known for transmitting the BBC World Service in English around the clock on 648 kHz from September 1982 until March 2011 from the Orfordness transmitting station on the Suffolk coast.

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11 thoughts on “Radio Caroline to broadcast on 648 kHz mediumwave

  1. peter tankard

    HI from Peter In Shefield
    Radio caroline on 648kH is very loud and clear right across Sheffield in the daytime even in the city centere on a little pockit radio and I have seen quit a few cars on Sheffield streets with the radio caroline648 car stickers on there windskreens I think it is a fantastic radio station and I like all the d jays and they play some great albem music from the past and the present .
    Best Regards from Peter Tankard.

  2. R. Woleter

    ich freue mich schon auf die Testsendungen auf 648 Khz.
    Ich hoffe ,dass RC auch im hohen Norden zu hören ist.
    Viel Glück

  3. Chinmoy mahato

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    1. David poulton

      Well the signal reaches Hampshire and can be heard on the south coast considering it’s only 1 kw from Orford Ness on the North Sea.

  4. Andy

    Good news. 648Khz is fairly clear and given a quiet day it is possible we’ll be able to at least *hear* it here in Manchester. The low frequency means the signal will carry quite well.


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