Tecsun PL-660 Hidden Feature: FM Calibration

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rick B, who writes:

I just thought I’d share with you a hidden function I discovered documented on the web for the Tecsun PL-660. It’s how to calibrate the FM band if you have a radio that is off frequency.

As my current PL-660 is accurate on FM, I haven’t had to try this myself. But perhaps it could save someone else from having to return/exchange a radio.


“Re-calibrating FM, radio needs to be on and set to FM band. Tune to the desired frequency/station you wish to listen to, press “SYNC” for about 3 seconds back light will flash. Tune up until the frequency/station sounds more clear press “1” to confirm re-calibration. If done correctly the correct frequency/station will be displayed on the display. Keep the battery in for all the time…”

Very cool!  Thank you for sharing the tip, Rick!

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9 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-660 Hidden Feature: FM Calibration

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for sharing. I have a ‘660 with this very issue, and was considering moving it along due to this annoyance! Now, if you could just come up with a cure for the AGC popping in and out abruptly on marginal, wavering signals! This is another well-known issue with this set, which I’m trying hard to overlook!

  2. James Patterson

    I would like to comment about my PL 660 in that it has always had a loud noise level.Compareing it with my Sonys and other portable receivers.The noise level “Hissing sound” even when not on any stations I find can be very anoying.When I receive a distant SW station the ground level or white noise only amplifies when I turn up the volume or RF gain to bring the station in.Same with SSB,that white noise is always quite loud compared with my other radios.I bought the Tecsun S2000 and I get a very quite noise level infact I find it far better for DXing.The PL660 is very sensitive,it maybe a good thing,but it amplifies all house hold and outside electrical interference.Even rain static is so bad,I cant hear SW stations very well,compared to my S2000 that still receives with no rain static problem,or very little but not enough to stop receiption.So has anyone noticed this with their PL660 or other Tecsun brands/models? Im yet to try the new AR 1780 at the JayCar outlets and see if it is over sensitive aswell,or has high noise level.I live in NZ down under Australia and unfortunitly receiption of SW stations is getting harder year after year now it seems.So most interested if anyone has trouble with high noise levels with their radios eg PL660 etc.Thanks guys.

  3. Edward

    Here we go again, TECSUN not disclosing a feature that would make a sale. Marketing getting in the way of sales. A feature like that would clinch the selection for me if I was on the market for a radio with an FM band.

  4. Chris Wyatt

    Nice! I noticed that FM was a bit distorted sometimes, but I think that’s because it’s overloaded rather than the calibration being out. Is it possible to revert to the default setting and does this persist after removing the batteries? If it’s a service setting, I’m guessing it’s probably quite permanent…

    1. Chuck E.

      I just got a brand new (unused – not sure of the manufacturing date) PL-660. I’m getting a lot of distortion/noise when using earbuds, even on some strong stations. I compared it to my PL-550 on FM, and to be fair the 550 also has some of this distortion, but the 660 is worse. I wonder if all units are as bad as mine?

    1. James Patterson

      My PL660 doesnt have 164 to 168 VHF.What country do you live in please? How are you receiving those VHF frequencies and on what receiver is it a Scanner? Thanks.


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