Digitech AR-1780 on order!

This morning, I bit the bullet and ordered the recently introduced Digitech AR-1780.

I’ve had a massive amount of inquiries about this radio–mainly from readers in Australia and New Zealand–so I thought it would make sense to check it out and compare it to other portables.

This radio is only available from retailers in Australia (so far), so I placed the order with an Australia-based eBay retailer:

The price, with shipping, will equate to about $142 US.

The AR-1780 is being sent via the postal service so I don’t expect it to arrive for at least a couple of weeks. eBay estimates a delivery between August 17-28.

Stay tuned! Bookmark the tag Digitech AR-1780 to follow updates.

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9 thoughts on “Digitech AR-1780 on order!

  1. James Patterson

    Well I decided after reading all the good reviews of the 1780,that I would add to the people out there who have bought one so I treated myself to the new 1780 model.I currently have it sitting on the window sill right next to my computer here sitting along side the Tecsun Pl 660.I must say,I dont know if it’s because it’s new or not but the SSB receiption is alot clearer and sharper on the AR 1780.Antenna is at the same height,volume the same,infact the 660 is sounding alot “duller” on SSB.The air band ( uhf) works very well hence Im about 30 Kms from our international airport.It pulls in all my FM stations very well and distant MW/AM stations come in just as well.So this one is a keeper,fits nicely into my back pocket and I’ll be getting alot of use out of it Im sure.Acturly the price in NZ $ was $149.But I see JayCar over here have dropped the price down to $119.So for a radio of its size,and all it does,it’s a great buy.
    I only have one thing I cant work out at the moment and the book doesnt explain things very well.So how do I “delete unwanted frequencies” from a memory page? Yes there is alot missing in the book,and it did not come with a power pack supply.Anyway Ive always used rechargeable batteries in my portables.So it looks like the PL 660 will be takeing a back seat now,and I’ll get used to driveing my new AR 1780.Anyone with more info on how to drive it would be most wellcome please.

  2. Jason

    I ordered it’s cheaper cousin the AR1721 a few months ago


    It might not look like much, but with a rechargeable lithium battery and respectable AM and SW performance, it’s great for a $20 radio that can be recharged just about anywhere. (even from a usb power bank)

    The AR1780 should perform much better of course, but thought I’d mention this little radio as I have taken it rural and overseas recently and it’s been very good for the price.


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