Prague Spring: Radio Prague seeks listener memories

During the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovaks carry their national flag past a burning tank in Prague. (Photo source: CIA via Wikimedia)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), who notes that Radio Prague is asking listeners to share memories of the 1968 Soviet invasion:

(Source: Radio Prague)

August 1968 – share your memories

August 21, 1968 – a turning point in this country’s history. The invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact soldiers crushed hopes of life in a freer society.

Please share your memories of that time with us. When and how did you first learn about the invasion? How did the media in your country report on it? Did you by any chance directly experience those events in Czechoslovakia or by the country’s borders?

Send us your recollections, photographs and other materials. Next year Radio Prague will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the events of August 1968 with a special project. Become part of it.

Czech Radio 7 – Radio Prague
Vinohradská 12
120 99 Prague 2
Czech Republic
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Click here to read on Radio Prague’s website.

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One thought on “Prague Spring: Radio Prague seeks listener memories

  1. Ruediger Walter

    That time I was 13. Remembering the uprising, the first thing what comes to my mind is a picture shown in the East German TV news: A room with one ore two dozen simple shotguns, evidence for the bad intentions of the anticommunist rowdies. That was reason not to trust the news, because in every East German village was a safe room with the same kind of shotguns, belonging to the local hunters. If I remember correctly, this picture was not shown anymore.
    I followed the revolution most times with an audion radio on 49 meters. But I do not remember, if there was original Radio Prag or other stations.


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