Photos of WRMI antenna field damage

Since we’ve been following WRMI in the wake of Hurricane Irma, I’ve posted a few photos below that WRMI shared on their Facebook page. These photos give us an idea about the magnitude of damage to their antenna farm.

Amazingly, Jeff White confirmed a few days ago that WRMI is back up to full power on all of their frequencies.

All of the caption below were noted by WRMI:

One of the towers holding our 44-degree antenna to Europe was folded in the middle by the hurricane.

A mess of crossed transmission lines in the field.

Transmission lines on the ground that should be above ground on poles.

Transmission line poles were knocked down.

A second tower holding the 44-degree antenna was snapped in the middle.

We had some requests a few days ago from listeners who wanted to see a diagram of our transmitter-antenna connections. This may blow your mind, but here goes…

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6 thoughts on “Photos of WRMI antenna field damage

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  2. Richard Langley

    “Amazingly, Jeff White confirmed a few days ago that WRMI is back up to full power on all of their frequencies.”

    Not yet on transmitters 8, 13, and 14 at last check.

  3. Tom Reitzel

    And WRMI thought they were prepared for a MAJOR hurricane? Irma was pretty much a dud when it struck Florida. Personally, I’d dismantle the Okeechobee facility as it’s only a matter of time before it’s BLOWN to pieces by a MAJOR hurricane.

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