Radio Deal: 20% off CountyComm GP5-SSB (3rd Gen)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who writes:

I got an email from Countycomm this morning saying that the GP5-SSB is 20% off, making it $71.99.

I thought some of your readers might like to know.

Keep up your great website!

Many thanks for the tip, Paul! That is a good deal for the GP5-SSB.

Click here to view on the CountyComm website.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Deal: 20% off CountyComm GP5-SSB (3rd Gen)

  1. Troy Riedel

    County Comm doesn’t generally get into specifics re: “mods” because they produce products for clients per contract specifications – whether that client be the Department of State or a commercial entity (starting with a PL-365 as the baseline). I think it’s better to think of this as the 3rd of the 3 “versions” they have sold (packaged?) of this model. 3rd Gen does not necessarily indicate each “generation” has evolved so that the “3rd Gen” model is better than 1st Gen or 2nd Gen. I believe one of their “Gens” was simply the inclusion of their aftermarket pouch and a spare antenna as part of the radio package (because that was the package requirements that a specific client had contracted for).

  2. Curt Schwarzwalder

    The CountyComm GP5 is a Tecsun PL-360 (no SSB)

    The GP5-SSB is a Tecsun PL-365 (has SSB)

    The CountyComms have green tuning thumbwheels and antenna tips.

  3. Cap

    I didn’t realise there were different versions…what are the differences? I would be interested to know as I currently have a Tecsun PL-365.
    BTW that price is a steal IMHO.


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