Shortwave film features a variety of radios

The Yaesu FRG-7 featured prominently in the film trailer

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, The Professor, who adds to our discussion about the recently released film Shortwave:

I saw that David posted a comment on your blog where he wondered what radio the guy in that “Shortwave” film might be using. Well, watched a couple trailers and discovered that the movie featured a few receivers.

So I took screen shots, and I thought some of your readers might be curious about this as well, and I’m sure some will ID all of them.

I had hoped the movie might feature Gene Scott or Pete Peters broadcasting from the underworld, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Anyway, here are some stills from the trailers[…]

Thanks, Prof! There are some classics here–Heathkit, Hammarlund, Hallicrafters and more.

Perhaps Post readers can comment with makes and models!

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5 thoughts on “Shortwave film features a variety of radios

  1. Mark Fahey

    Yes.. as per RonF the FRG-7 Fine Tuning looks like it was fitted as a mod. 🙂 I love the Frogs, I have three FRG-7’s! One without the Fine Tuning (this is my original FRG-7, purchased when I was still a high school kid, mowed lots of lawns to buy it!) and the other two have the fine tuning (both in restored / mint condition). I have also seen offical Yaesu photos of an FRG-7 with top covers that look like the FT-101E transceiver I used to own (you can open up a top hatch to tinker), I think this was most likely a prototype machine and the photos taken for early promotion. All good fun!!

  2. Mario

    That FRG-7 doesn’t have the original fine tuning knob apparently. What an abomination!

    And the red power on/off toggle switch is broken off. Heaven forbid!

    I think they need to hire a SWL as a consultant to maintain radio accuracy…hi hi.

    I’m up to the job, where do I apply (again hi hi).

    1. RonF

      “That FRG-7 doesn’t have the original fine tuning knob apparently. What an abomination!”

      Looks like one of the early units that lacked fine-tuning, retrofitted with one by the owner. It was a common mod.


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