3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: TIVDIO V-115 $19.99 US shipped

  1. Jason

    Via ebay this radio is available for AU $21 from China, and AU $30 from a Sydney seller

    The price in USD of $20 is decent (in between those two amounts once converted to aussie dollars)

    Agree this is a great stocking stuffer or nice little gift for anyone interested in radio but hard to buy for. It’s a great little radio, recharges over USB too, and even records radio.

    It’s no DX machine, but paired with the equally cheap Tecsun loop antenna (AN-100/AN-200) it can get some good results and the radio is small enough to sit inside the loop.

  2. Troy Riedel

    Last Sunday and again on Tuesday, Amazon offered this radio for $17.99 via “Lightning Deals”. These deals are typically only offered for a few hours & they have a specific number set – if/when x-number of units sell, the deal is over.

    I recommend the plugin called “Keepa”. You can set alerts for anything on Amazon based on “Desired Price” for new Amazon, new marketplace & used units. If/when the item hits that desired price (or lower), you will be notified via email (and a Browser notification). I’ve scored several items for great prices via the Keepa plugin (aka extension).


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