Tecsun PL-680: Another ludicrous eBay price…

In today’s episode of absurd eBay prices, I present the Tecsun PL-680:

A price of $513.03 US (shipped) from an eBay seller with a 96.3% approval rating, when you could purchase the same radio from the excellent Anon-Co for $111 US shipped?

When I see over-inflated eBay listings, I feel so sorry for the unlucky person who pulls the trigger and buys an item at five times the retail price. I must assume–based on the sheer number of these listings on eBay–people are indeed purchasing grossly overpriced items.

No matter what sort of radio you’re seeking on eBay (or elsewhere) please do your research in advance. Check reliable retailer prices (Anon-Co, Universal Radio, Ham Radio Outlet, DX Engineering, Amazon, ML&S, Nevada Radio, RadioWorld, etc.) prior to purchasing anything that’s currently in production.

If you’re seeking a vintage or rare unit, use eBay’s excellent price research tools that reference past sold listings. In addition, consult Fred Osterman’s excellent book: Shortwave Receivers Past & Present.

This has been an SWLing Post Public Service Announcement! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-680: Another ludicrous eBay price…

  1. Darren

    Hi Guys,

    I have just bought a Tecsun PL-680 off Ebay – second-hand but as new, in box with all the accessories. A great price too. I guess I was just lucky as I have to agree with the comments above, very expensive otherwise.

    Anyhow, great site and brilliant information. I am new to all this as you may have gathered!

    Tonight I received (correct language?) my first distant station: BBC World Service on 11810, broadcast from Ascention, 6200 kilometres away. You’ve no idea – or maybe you do – how over-the-moon I was.

    Great to be here… 🙂


  2. Mario

    Seller has a 96.3% feedback, another not-so-good thing.

    My rule is avoid sellers whose feedback score is less than body temperature hi hi.

  3. Golan Klinger

    Equally frustrating are people who advertise for sale used shortwave radios on sites like Craigslist with asking prices based upon literally the highest price they could find online. Someone will see that listing on eBay and be convinced that their used PL-680 is worth hundreds of dollars.

  4. mp

    Might it be due to the reason that in case of running out of items it may be cheaper to raise the price (so that nobody buys them) than to finish the auction and start it again when the item becomes available again.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Possibly, I suppose. Still, they attach that pricing with the hopes they’ll sell the unit at that price. I’m pretty sure, on eBay, you could save your item ID when stock has depleted.


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