WBCQ seeks help after fire takes out their main transmitter

On WBCQ’s Twitter feed, Allan Weiner announced that the station’s transmitter building suffered a fire on December 10, 2017:

Allan has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to begin the process of raising enough money to purchase a used transmitter. Here’s the note from their Go Fund Me page:

Free speech radio WBCQ international shortwave suffered a fire in its main transmitter building on December 10th. The building was saved but our main 50 killowatt trasnmitter completely burned up inside and is a total loss.

We are dedicated to the cause of free speech radio and have been for 19 years. There was no insurance and we have limited funds. We need to replace this transmitter to insure there is at least one free radio station broadcasting programs of individuals wishing to express their free speech rights to the world.

At least $20000 is required to buy a used transmitter and have it shipped to the radio station in Maine. We are on a reduced power backup transmitter and need to return to full 50KW power as soon as possible. Thank You.

Click here to view WBCQ’s Go Fund Me campaign and support the purchase of a transmitter. [Link Removed]

Many thanks to Dave Zantow for the tip!

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7 thoughts on “WBCQ seeks help after fire takes out their main transmitter

  1. Tom Reitzel

    This situation is important. Personally, I’d rather WBCQ purchase a used DRM SW transmitter as this opportunity has presented itself. DRM IS the future of shortwave.

    Within a week, I’ll donate to WBCQ’s cause regardless, though.

      1. Dean Bianco

        SW has no future? It will certainly come quicker by making it a sel-fulfilled prophecy. I guess that includes PCJ?

      2. Jay

        Well, I believe DRM for all its hype is already showing its future. Where can just an average SWL get such a radio? Answer: No where, yet look at the watts filling spectrum with DRM nobody can decode anyway.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Allan noted on the show tonight that they couldn’t find an insurer that would take them on. Their remote location was one of the factors he mentioned.


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