XHDATA D-808 operation manual

Click image to download manual.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Anderson, who writes:

Attached is the manual for the new XHDATA D-808.  Your readers who have ordered the D-808 may be interested in downloading this:


Many thanks, Dave! I’ve ordered the D-808, so I appreciate getting a sneak peek at the manual.

I did note one thing that sets the D-808 apart from the AR-1780: the D-808 is powered by one 18650 lithium battery.

My D-808 was shipped a few days ago, but I don’t expect it to arrive for at least a couple of weeks. Anyone else order the D-808?

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7 thoughts on “XHDATA D-808 operation manual

  1. Hal

    How can someone order this radio in the USA ? Does not appear to be available anyplace to order since about January 1st. Aliexpress will not ship the order to the USA, and it’s not appearing on eBay either for USA customers. Any reason why ?

  2. Grey Friar

    I have just received my xhdata d-808 and am very happy with it.
    Bought via Amazon and it arrived with-in 48hrs and very well packaged.
    At the price you can get for now I would dare to say it is a bargain.
    It will be interesting to see how it holds up to a few years use as my Sony ICF-SW1 has (although recently it has had its old capacitors replaced).
    That being said, a big thumbs-up so far.

  3. Howard Motley W4PM

    I recently ordered one of these but it wii probably not arrive until early February. Could someone post a brief tutorial on the use of the memories. I see little to nothing on this subject in the manual.


  4. mp107

    Does its RDS function shows only mentioned PS, DATE, RT and PTY when on FM band?
    Or is there also PI code (useful for FM DX)?



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