WINB to add new transmitter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Benn Kobb (AK4AV), who notes:

This routine FCC HF announcement indicates that it has received an application from WINB.

According to Ms. Ghavami, the FCC’s engineer on HF broadcast matters, the application is to add a transmitter to the existing station, for which a new construction permit is required.

Thanks for the tip, Benn!

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One thought on “WINB to add new transmitter

  1. Tom Servo

    This is interesting; the existing transmitter has always sounded muffled, which makes me think it’s very old. I did happen to catch them on 9265 not too long ago in DRM testing but I never got more than a few chirps of audio despite a solid signal. So the new transmitter may be needed for that service if they are planning to go through with digital, maybe?


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