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The Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) halts shortwave broadcasting

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralf Bender, who notes that the following announcement has been posted on the IBC website:

In addition, the IBC posted the following note on their Facebook page:

With great regret we announce the closure of our shortwave transmissions starting today, 31 December 2018. The reasons are economic, organizational and not least also the bad coverage of our signal in Italy lately. However, we plan to return with you as soon as possible.
To all HNY!

Thank you for the tip, Ralf, although this news sounds ominous. I hope the IBC can resolve their issues and return to the air.

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WINB to add new transmitter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Benn Kobb (AK4AV), who notes:

This routine FCC HF announcement indicates that it has received an application from WINB.


According to Ms. Ghavami, the FCC’s engineer on HF broadcast matters, the application is to add a transmitter to the existing station, for which a new construction permit is required.

Thanks for the tip, Benn!

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Christopher seeks title of shortwave broadcaster’s book


SWLing Post reader, Christopher Brennen, writes:

I’m wondering if you or the wider community can help?

I remember a few years ago (at least 16 or 17) receiving a book about a SW religious station. I’m not sure, but the title “Towers of Power” or similar comes to mind.

I thought it was from or about Family Radio, so I contacted them to inquire. They kindly replied and noted that they knew of no such book.

I’ve looked everywhere for another copy, but without knowing the exact title, the author or which broadcaster it concerned, I have no idea where to look. I am certain I am not imagining it! Could you or anyone help me to track this book down?

Christopher Brennen

Thanks for your message, Christopher.  Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with a book that matches your description.

Post Readers: If you can help Christopher track down this book, please comment on this post.

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China Radio International increasing Turkish content

(Source: Today’s Zaman)

“I’ve sometimes been challenged trying to find exactly the right word to translate from Turkish into Chinese,” recalled Wenjun Liu, a 37-year-old reporter working at the Turkish Broadcast Service of China Radio International (CRI) in Beijing.

 “Thank God, we have Turkish native speakers working here to rush to our aid,” she added.

Like many Chinese nationals who were assigned to work at the Turkish service, Liu has assumed a Turkish name for herself — “Damla.” She works at the world news desk and was working on a story about Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s visit to Iran in late March. Like many of her colleagues, Damla is a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University, a foreign language and international studies university in China.

CRI has been broadcasting in Turkish since October 1957 using the shortwave frequency. It has a one-hour-long program every day, repeated four times during the day in different time slots. It uses Internet broadband to spread the word and has also used local FM stations in ?stanbul and Ankara to reach its audience since 2010. With unprecedented growing ties recently with Turkey, China is set to promote its culture in many areas, including broadcasting more Turkish content on the CRI.

Yongmin Xia, the director of the Turkish service, revealed to Sunday’s Zaman that the CRI has decided to boost its presence in Turkey. Going by the Turkish name Murat, Xia said the CRI has chosen ?stanbul, the largest city in Turkey, to launch a radio station. “We are going to start with five people and hope to reach 15 in this service in ?stanbul,” he said, adding that the stronger presence would help develop bilateral relations further.

“Our common values are more than the differences between the Turkish and Chinese peoples,” he emphasized, pointing to a strong adherence to traditional values in both cultures. “Turks and Chinese share similar traits such as hospitality and warmth in human relations,” he added.

There is no easy way to rate how popular the Turkish service at the CRI is since it airs in shortwave, but the managers at the CRI say they have some idea by looking at regular mail, e-mails and website impressions. “Our Turkish website has 600,000 clicks on a monthly basis,” Xia explained. Overall, the CRI received more than 3 million letters from overseas listeners in 2011.

Read the full article here.

Though CRI has an enormous broadcasting presence around the globe (and it keeps growing), I would certainly question the listenership numbers based on the methods they use to quantify them. If by 600,000 monthly website “clicks,” they mean “hits,” their numbers may be overly generous. Many of “hits” are associated with search engine and other bots that routinely crawl the web. A more telling number would be either web page views or unique visitors.

Frankly, the 3 million letters from overseas listeners is also hard to believe, though I do imagine they receive a hefty amount of correspondence.

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Radio Exterior de Espana will be celebrating its 70th anniversary March 15

(Source: Chrissy Brand)

An email below from Radio Exterior de Espana that they have asked me to share.
Please try and take part. Tune in on:

9665kHz 19.00-20.00 UTC English Monday to Fridays)

6125kHz 22.00-23.00 UTC English (Saturday and Sundays)


Dear Listener

On March 15th, Radio Exterior will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and we would love you to take part in the festivities. If you are interested in sharing your experience as a listener of the English language shortwave broadcasts, by letter or phone,- we would call you- please let us know as soon as possible.

We´ll be dedicating our March 15th broadcast to the anniversary and would like to reserve a special section to listeners — your impressions and memories as well as the importance shortwave listening, in general, has had in your life.

Please send us a note and, if appropriate, your phone number and general time availablity.

Thank you … many times over,
Alison, Frank and Justin of the English Language Broadcasts of REE
Corporación RTVE – http://www.rtve.es/



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