3 thoughts on “NHK World Radio Japan’s A-18 Schedule

  1. Darnell Johnson

    I know this is an old poast, but Cleveland, Ohio is not able to get the NHK World Radio Japan english broadcasts at 14:00 UTC, but We are able to get the Japanies broadcast at 2:00 UTC. As of the time stamp of this coment, that’s the current schedule for 2021.

  2. Tom Servo

    Their new frequency of 5975 kHz from Moosbrunn is bad for those of us in the US who like to listen. It’s bookended on one side by EWTN on 5970 and spurs from Cuba’s Jammin’ Masheen on 5980. It’s quite difficult to receive now where I live. And sadly, NHK does not make the entire 30 minute broadcast available online, only each individual segment, in a player that seems to be incompatible with my Chromium-based browser.

    1. Swl

      On the other hand in Europe it’s been interfered by RRI all winter on 6155 and was unbearable (very strong DRM on 6170 with a wide transmitter….).

      I now can finally listen to it again!! Shame they stopped the 1800 and the 1930 UTC broadcasts, they were hearable where I am too…


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