Skycast Services experimental HF license renewed

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, @experimradio, who notes:

Experimental Radio Service license renewed 1 March 2018 for this HF station.

Good luck extracting useful intelligence from this:

Copy of license:

Thank you for the tip! You’re right–vast portions of this documentation have been marked out.

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4 thoughts on “Skycast Services experimental HF license renewed


    Skycast Services (the licensee) is not Skycast Solutions. Do you have information that they are related?

  2. Charles Hargrove - N2NOV

    Part of inflight entertainment company Skycast Solutions. Beam heading of 51.5 degrees to western Europe up to 10 KW. Digital transmissions 12, 24 or 48 kHz wide using OOK, ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM16, QAM32 or QAM64. Testing in bands 13.87-14.00, 14.35-14.99, 15.80-16.10, 16.20-16.36, 17.41-17.48, 18.168-18.78, 19.02-19.68 & 20.01-21.00 Mhz.

  3. DanH

    I don’t understand the mystery here. Skycast will be testing data, telemetry or telecommand signals. Some of these transmissions will have a 48 kHz bandwidth and two or more digital channels.

    It helps to decode the Emission Designator that appears on the license notice. A tool for this is provided to the public here.


      You don’t understand the mystery? Then describe the content of these transmissions and disclose the business model of the applicant and significant mission details that were redacted from the FCC application.


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