Al decodes SSTV image from International Space Station

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Al Holt, who shares the decoded SSTV image above via Twitter and notes:

A two-fer, excellent!! Here’s what I caught during its pass over Florida @ ~0914z, a 3-star pass. Had my HT on freq. but dropped it on the floor and got a burp which produced the break in the upper 1/3 of the image…Doh! -73

Ha ha! Thanks for sharing, Al! Based on such a short gap in the image, you must have recovered that HT rather quickly!

Post readers: Has anyone else decoded SSTV during an ISS pass?

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One thought on “Al decodes SSTV image from International Space Station

  1. Al Holt

    Hello Thomas!
    Thanks for the spotlight, but a little clarification is needed. I was using the HT (w/ rubber duck) as a secondary monitor, primary being a SDRPlay RSP-1a. I had a good signal on the SDR but nothing yet on the HT so I put it next to my ear and BANG the squelch opened, I jumped, the HT falls to the floor and briefly transmitted interfering the ISS signal. Lesson learned.

    Also, Mark Hirst had great luck and deserves recognition getting two full images in one pass of ISS! AND, thank you Thomas for alerting us to ISS transmitting SSTV this weekend! This is my try at catching SSTV from ISS and I’m thrilled to have such good results. It’s nice to find out some very modest equipment can be used to catch these images.



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