After 71 years, WLO operators go off the air

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Zach, who notes that WLO have announced that as of 04:59 UTC on July 1, 2018, “there there will no longer be 24/7 operators on duty at the Mobile, AL stations.”

Here’s a screenshot from their announcement on Facebook:
The end of an era indeed. Thanks for the tip, Zach.

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6 thoughts on “After 71 years, WLO operators go off the air

  1. Mario

    I know that WLO had computer voice weather reports that I used to listen to, along with CW markers, that is about all I know of recent activity. And WLO Shipcomm, run by radio amateurs that sent RTTY and Sitor messages to ships at sea, I have that frequency in my SDR# frequency manager as it was nice to hear those reports. Not sure if that station is also going off the air too?

    Correct me if wrong, thanks.

  2. Bob Dyer

    Who are they ? And what did they do ?sounds like something that was connected to wirld war 2, if so i tip my hat to them


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