Archived radio listings from four major US newspapers

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Figliozzi, who shares a link to this website which has archived radio listings from four major U.S. cities/newspapers from 1930-1960:

As John pointed out, there is some serious nostalgia to be found here!  Thanks for the tip, John!

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One thought on “Archived radio listings from four major US newspapers

  1. Mario

    Wow, what a great idea of John’s to share. Remember these vaguely as a kid, used to like to read them in the NY papers. Wonder when they stopped printing these as they were still around in the mid 60’s when FM radio starting getting popular.

    Farm reports – these used to be on early morning TV also, after sign-on shows like “Sermonette.”

    There also was a monthly magazine in the 60’s called FM Guide.

    Thanks John and thanks for posting Thomas. Always something interesting here to read.


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