Boat Anchor Tuesday: Hallicrafters S-40B and SX-100

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris Peters, who shares the above photo for Boat Anchor Tuesday and writes:

I was lucky enough to recently pick up both these familiar faces for $150.

Hallicrafters S-40B and SX-100

Both are in decent shape but are due for a recap and alignment.

Wow–both of these are classic sets, Chris! After a recap and alignment, I think you’ll especially be impressed with the performance that SX-100 delivers! Thank you for sharing!

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3 thoughts on “Boat Anchor Tuesday: Hallicrafters S-40B and SX-100

  1. RonF

    The SX-100 was a nice set, built to Halli’s reputation for mechanical quality, & well deserving of the Hallicrafters name.

    The S-40 was a cut-price economy receiver – a cynic would suggest that it was built to cash in on the post-war interest in the goings-on in Europe & the burgeoning Cold War – that never even came close to the quality of Halli’s more mediocre offerings, let alone their best. Looks cool and glows nicely, though…

    While both are fairly rare here, unfortunately S-40’s are much more frequently found than SX-100’s. Restore both, keep the 100, & sell the 40 to pay for it all is my advice 😉

  2. Edward

    I like the user interface of these vintage radios. Easy intuitive don’t need the help file or the manual to use.


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