Sony CRF-330K fetching top dollar on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who writes:

Saw this Sony receiver at a current high price on eBay:

Interesting that it has a cassette recorder, although back in those days cassettes were popular and other radios had ’em installed to record your favorite shows or to just use as a player.

Yes indeed, Mario! I remember absolutely lusting after a few radio models with built-in cassette recording features when I was much younger. It would have made off-air recordings much easier!  Of course, the most affordable (and accessible) model I remember in the past couple of decades was the vulnerable Sangean ATS-818cs or RadioShack DX-392.

I’ve never seen a pull-out cassette tray like the CK-330K’s:

It appears this Sony CRF-330K only has a few hours left of bidding at time of posting. There’s a bit of a bidding war going on, it seems, based on the bid history.

Click here to view on eBay.

I assume the CK-330K is a performer. Perhaps our resident expert, Dan Robinson, will share his comments?

Thanks for the tip, Mario!

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11 thoughts on “Sony CRF-330K fetching top dollar on eBay

  1. Ronald Hofmeister

    I got taken to the Woodshed on this Sony CRF-330K Radio. There is to much wrong with it? Would I ever be able to find another one? I’d be willing to pay up to $2,000.00 for a mint Condition one.

  2. R. Twort

    Looks fairly good. I have this model (S/N 10522) , it is as I expected after all these years(since manufacture), in need of a little TLC – coils tuning the s/w coils & replacing the tape drive belt. It is used nearly every night.

  3. RonF

    Even though they’re fairly sought-after, I still think the Pana’s of that era are somewhat overlooked by aficionados & collectors. They really are near-equals to the Sonys & Grundigs of the time. The RF-2200 is a complete pain the in the a**e to align and calibrate though 😉

    That said I’d argue that, when compared to current portables, the love for any of the (semi-)portables from that era owes more to rose-tinted nostalgia than actual performance…

  4. Rod

    A very nice communications receiver! The 330K with the tape cassette and the much the same 320 without the cassette, always seem to fetch a high price. The one on Ebay is typical and there always seem to be a bit of a bidding war…. Less than 30 minutes remaining and it is at $1450! Just below in the other listings is a SONY CRF-320 at $949.95 plus 45 dollars for shipping. These along with the SONY VRF V21 were top of the line. The V21 has a built in FAX printer for weather and satellite maps One sold on Ebay in Europe for 2000 Euros! Not built in high numbers these receiver usually fetch high prices.
    73 Rod W8GRI

  5. Dan Robinson

    Yes, I have been watching this. A radio in this condition, or what appears to be in fine condition, can bring in the high $1800 to $2000 range. Most of these radios are usually snatched up by one of the major Ebay buyers, who then completely checks the radio and repairs key issues that often show up, such as bad gears, lights, and other things. But the fact that this receiver is already in such good condition means that the margin between final Ebay auction price and the price it could be resold for is much smaller. With a few hours to go, the fact that this radio is already at the $1400 mark indicates that it could go in original condition for well over $2,000.


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