Inside Radio: “Sale of Border Station Raises Chinese Propaganda Worry”

(Source: Inside Radio via Dennis Dura)

The proposed sale of an AM station along the Mexico-U.S. border to a group of Chinese investors has stoked fears that the 50,000-watt station will be used to infiltrate the U.S. with Chinese propaganda. Spanish news-talk “W-Radio 690” XEWW (690), which blankets Southern California from Tijuana, is being sold by Mexican broadcaster GLR to Chinese investment group H&H Group USA, owned by Vivian Huo, a U.S. citizen who runs the investment firm H&H Capital Partners.[…]

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5 thoughts on “Inside Radio: “Sale of Border Station Raises Chinese Propaganda Worry”

  1. Jake Brodsky

    There is a MW AM station in the Washington DC area that broadcast Chinese Radio News and propaganda. So what? Nobody is rioting in the streets about it. Few even care enough to tune in.

    1. Mark Fahey

      Also… China also has a large presence on the displays in Time Square NYC. At most Washington DC subway entrances you can pick up a copy of the party/state China Daily the English language daily produced by the CCPPD (Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China) from the newspaper vending boxes – and if I’m remembering correctly you only have to walk less than a block in NYC to find a newspaper machine selling the China Daily.

      China seems to have been interested in recent years buying up time or the complete operation of unprofitable (or struggling) local MW and MW outlets. WNWR in Philadelphia I think is now broadcasting CRI (China Radio International) 24×7.

      China is projected (at current rates) to overtake the USA as the worlds largest economy by 2032 and this reality (and the overall growing rise in importance of Asian economies) is fundamentally changing many aspects of global media and broadcasting. Its one of the reasons why we see national shortwave stations closing and their emphasis and budgets being directed to digital communication methods which are not necessarily radio. China is investing massively in new communication models – radio is just one of their minor modalities in current use.

      It’s a fascinating time to be alive – everything is changing. The way to influence (ie propagate an idea/point of view) is now so complex and every week is now not like the last. In recent years we have observed that using social media (Facebook & Twitter particularly) achieves more impact than thousands of hours of English language programming from Radio Moscow would ever have achieved!

    1. RonF

      Works for me.

      But since one of the sources is the (ever-fearmongering) Daily Mail and the other is the (RWNJ) Washington Free Beacon, I’m not particularly inclined to consider it accurate in the slightest…


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