WAGM features WBCQ’s multi-million dollar shortwave station installation

(Source: Ampegon)

(Source: WAGM via Richard Cuff)

MONTICELLO, Maine – The town of Monticello will soon be home to one of the largest short wave radio stations in the world, according to those involved. In this week’s Aroostook 2020, Newssource 8’s Ashley Blackford finds out what this major project could mean for the area.

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5 thoughts on “WAGM features WBCQ’s multi-million dollar shortwave station installation

  1. adi

    I’m with you Kurt, isn’t free speech and religious are antonym ?
    I wonder from what book they came about this heavenly antenna design.

  2. Tom Reitzel

    Please, the funding for these two projects are totally separate according to Allan. Personally, I don’t feel miffed at all as I donated too to replace one of their old transmitters.

  3. Kurt Klatt

    Now if only we could hear some content worth listening to on this so called “free speech advocate” station instead of primarily religious indoctrination. Perhaps Democracy Now should buy airtime.

  4. Eddie

    Is it just me or is anyone else miffed that WBCQ asked their listeners for financial help when their transmitter building caught on fire last year? I pitched in to help them and spread the word on social media. Only a couple weeks later we learned from an Ampegon press release that WBCQ was building a multi-million dollar shortwave station…supposedly the largest in the world. They started construction last summer…months before the building fire. WBCQ kept that close to home I’m sure knowing that there would be less donations to their fire fund if listeners realized they had a multi-million investment going on. I felt trumped.

    I’m sorry but I’m beginning to see WBCQ more as an opportunist and less a free speech advocate. Disheartening.


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