C. Crane Updates the CCRadio-EP Pro

Many thanks to reviewer Jay Allen for sharing the news that a significantly updated version of the CCRadio-EP Pro is now available:

C. Crane CC-EP Pro AM/FM Analog-tuned Radio

The update eliminates the “false signal peaks” (images) of the EP Pro, a tuning anomaly that was widely criticized at introduction of this model. In addition, a 9/10 kHz tuning step switch has been added, and Jay also reports that reception performance is improved on the high band of medium wave.

Check out the full details in Jay’s post above!

Guy Atkins is a Sr. Graphic Designer for T-Mobile and lives near Seattle, Washington.  He’s a regular contributor to the SWLing Post.


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12 thoughts on “C. Crane Updates the CCRadio-EP Pro

  1. Kevin

    Can anyone comment on if the packaging of the improved version is different from the original or what the serial number range starts at? A local retailer just started carrying the EP pro literally in the last week or so and what they have does not mention the 9/10khz switch on the box. Thanks

    1. Ken

      The packaging is not to elaborate, if you can see the 9/10 khz switch on the back through the plastic bag it’s the new version, no switch, it’s not.

  2. Guy Atkins

    I’ve just received my “new version” EP-Pro this afternoon, and early impressions are positive! The high band dial accuracy is much better, for one thing. A local TIS station on 1700 kHz is found with the dial pointer immediately to the left (very close to) the first numeral “1” in “1710” on the dial. Dial on the rest of the band is very good too.

    I have not yet found any false peaks (images) of stations on AM, a problem widely reported with the original EP-Pro.

    In brief tests the new EP-Pro handily beats a Sangean PR-D15 I happened to grab for initial comparison. Later I’ll put it up against a RF-2200, and on the weekend I’ll have a chance to compare the new radio against an original EP-Pro.

    So far, so good :^)

    1. Thomas

      Excellent! Thanks for the report, Guy! I’ve got a “new version” EP-Pro incoming as well. I’ll check mine as soon as I’m back from Canada. I’m very curious if the frequency dial is accurate in my model as well. That’s brilliant news about the false peaks.

    2. Guy Atkins

      I forgot to comment on the soft muting of the new version EP-Pro. I’ve not yet experienced what the original EP-Pro’s muting is like, but personally I think this new revision is very acceptable…it’s virtually absent. At least that’s my initial impression based on only 15-20 minutes of use.

      I tuned in some very weak daytime MW signals and never heard the audio interrupted by muting; the audio stayed steady.

      If you tune or band scan quick enough there’s a point beyond which at least weak & medium strength signals will be skipped. Perhaps this is not actually soft muting, but just tuning faster than the AGC recovery time.

      The Twin Coil Ferrite tuning control’s setting is crucial to receiving of the weakest stations. It can make the difference between fair reception and none at all! Slow methodical tuning–with adjustments of the Twin Coil Ferrite as you go–is needed on quiet segments of the band to make sure you don’t miss a DX station.

  3. Guy Atkins

    My fingers are crossed that the EP PRO arriving at my house Thursday, 9/6 direct from C. Crane is the newest model!

    A friend and I will be comparing his first release EP PRO on Saturday with my new one, and we’ll definitely be looking for any differences in muting between frequencies and dial accuracy.

  4. Jake Brodsky

    There is a typo in RadioJayAllen’s review. The radio tunes in 10 kHz steps not 10 Hz steps. He also rates this radio his highest rating: Five Stars.

    He confirmed this to me in an e-mail exchange.

  5. Phil

    Same thing. Just got one from Amazon. Delivered with no outer box and looked like it had a rough trip to my house. It was not the latest version and seemed to have some odd problems on FM. After stations locked on, it would mute until I readjusted. It also had the pop on power up. I returned it and reached out to CCrane to see if they are currently shipping the newest model from them. I would rather spend the money on shipping and get the newest and least buggy.

  6. Kenneth Litzke

    Just a warning, Amazon shows the new version, so I ordered it. Radio came today, but old version and not packed in an outer box and it looks like USPS bounced it around a bit on it’s way to my garage door. Back it goes, thanks Amazon.


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