Today: W9IMS last special event station of 2018

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Brian D. Smith (W9IND), who shares the following information about SWL-friendly awards offered by his amateur radio club to commemorate the three major auto races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Brian writes:

W9IMS: Last special event station of 2018

Amateur radio station W9IMS will conclude its special event season during the coming week by commemorating the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The W9IMS crew will be working other amateurs around the world, but SWLs are welcome to tune in and qualify for the same QSL cards and certificate that are available to hams.

For those who logged the station during the IndyCar Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500, this is your chance to complete the clean sweep and earn the colorful 2018 certificate. Even if you missed one or both of the previous races, you’re still eligible for a Brickyard 400 QSL card, which is redesigned every year.

A previous SWLing post highlighted the 2018 W9IMS events.

Operating SSB on 20 and 40 meters (as close as possible to 7.245 and 14.245 MHz), W9IMS will take to the airwaves at various times between 0400 UTC Monday, Sept. 3, and 0400 Monday, Sept. 9. One of the best times to look for the station is during the evening from 2200 to 0200 (6 to 10 p.m. Indianapolis time). W9IMS also has a digital presence, periodically transmitting in FT8 mode.

To find out if we’re on the air at any given time, go to DX Summit – – and type “W9IMS” in the search box. For more information about W9IMS and the Brickyard special event, including scheduled operators, go to Just remember that ops can get on the air at any time between now and Sunday night!

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4 thoughts on “Today: W9IMS last special event station of 2018

  1. Robin Shelley

    Hi! I managed to work W9IMS, (operator Brian W9IND), on 20m on 2018-05-27 23:43:00 UTC and put together a “1-off” QSL card and sent it with $3 to the PO Box address listed on W9IMS QRZ.COM page.

    This was several months ago. I tried contacting via email – [email protected] – but get no response.

    I was hoping to get a QSL card confirming my contact. I had a 22 year break from the hobby. Before the break, I was paper QSL’ing all the time but the card I made up for this QSO was unique … the only paper card I’ve sent out!

    If you have any advise on how to get a QSL card from these guys, I’d be most greatful!

    Merry Christmas!

    Robin – G8VVY.

    1. Brian, W9IND

      Hi, Robin —

      Just saw your post; sorry for not getting back to you sooner. And my apologies for your hassles in obtaining your QSL card. It’s not the way we usually operate.

      A delay from the printer made us later than usual in getting out QSL cards, but you should have received yours by now. However, with tens of thousands of QSL requests, a few occasionally fall through the cracks.

      I’ll check into your request and follow up with a personal email to your email address. We’ll get this straightened out!

      You’re likewise welcome to email me at my personal email address, as is anyone else who’s having an issue with a QSL card or certificate from W9IMS. Look for it under W9IND.

      Thanks for your patience and interest.

      1. Brian

        UPDATE: I contacted Robin by email and was told that he did, in fact, receive his QSL from W9IMS in recent weeks.

        Hard to know what accounted for the longer-than-average wait, but at any rate we’re happy to know that he got the card he was looking for. Again, any similar issues with QSLs from W9IMS may be directed to me personally at my email address on (look for W9IND).

        Finally, here’s a 2019 special event schedule for anyone interested in collecting this year’s W9IMS QSL cards and certificate (for more information, go to

        May 5-11: The INDYCAR Grand Prix
        May 20-26: Indianapolis 500
        Sept. 2-8: Brickyard 400

        TNX and 73,
        Brian, W9IND


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