Shortwave Archive: 1979 Radio Moscow Mailbag Studio Recordings

If you’ve been a shortwave radio listener since the Cold War, you no doubt remember Radio Moscow‘s Mailbag program with Joe Adamov.

Tom Gavaras, a new contributor at the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive, recently shared a series of seven Radio Moscow studio recordings and noted:

These recordings were originally provided to me on reel-to-reel tape directly from Radio Moscow (which I dubbed to a cassette). At that time, I was program director at St. Cloud State University’s radio station KVSC-FM (St. Cloud, MN) and aired Moscow Mailbag once a week during the afternoon news block programming. Transcription shows from other shortwave stations were played on other weekday slots at the same time.

Here’s the first studio recording:

We’re publishing a new recording each week over at the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive. Click here to follow this series.

Many thanks, Tom, for sharing these excellent recordings!

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7 thoughts on “Shortwave Archive: 1979 Radio Moscow Mailbag Studio Recordings

  1. Keith Perron

    That just reminded me I have at least two boxes of tapes from the Radio Moscow Transcription Service with at least 30 Moscow Mailbags from between 1985 and 1989.

  2. Ron H.

    Fantastic! I used to listen to this from age 12 on starting in the mid ’70’s. My mom saw an ad in Reader’s Digest for a radio with short wave and got it for me. Not high end by any means. But it was COOL and having been indoctrinated with the usual hatred for the Soviet Union by adults I thought it was a little scary to listen to lol.

  3. Robert

    Great stuff! I found it fascinating how many times competition was mentioned or inferred by the answers to the mail questions. Even the Communist Party leadership recognized there is no such thing as universal equality.


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