Radio Deal: Retekess V115/Tivdio V-115/Audiomax SRW-710S

The Retekess V115 (A.K.A. Tivdio V-115 & Audiomax SRW-710S) price has been lowered to $19.99 US shipped on

Click here to read our previous reviews of this radio. The V-115 makes for a great portable broadcast receiver/recorder and has very pleasant audio–certainly a benchmark performer in the sub $25 category. It’s a great little backup radio to keep in the car glove compartment or go-bag. This is one of the lowest prices for the V-115 I’ve seen on Amazon. This receiver typically floats around the $23-25 range.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Retekess V115/Tivdio V-115/Audiomax SRW-710S

  1. John Desmond

    I bought one of these but found that the performance was very poor due to all the hash from the digital display. Only the very strongest signals could be heard. The Tecsun PL380 is a much better radio and it’s worth spending the extra money.


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