Updated Frequency: Special VORW Radio International Holiday Broadcast

Please note that the frequency for the VORW Radio International Holiday Broadcast has changed. Please read the announcement below which includes the new frequency of 9350 kHz:

Hello Shortwave Listeners! In addition to our regularly scheduled broadcasts of VORW Radio International every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – I am pleased to announce that there will be a special holiday broadcast on Christmas Day!

This show will feature some mixed talk and music of all genres (including some holiday songs) and a newly designed E-QSL will be sent out to any and all reception reports received! Here is the schedule:

Tuesday 2100 UTC (3 PM Central / 4 PM Eastern) – 9350 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

Reception reports and feedback are most appreciated at [email protected] and I hope you can tune in!

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