Tune in: Holiday serenades from McMurdo Station, Antarctica

McMurdo Station, Antarctica. (Source: USAP.gov)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who shares the following tip from the ARRL News:

Each year, volunteers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, celebrate the holidays by serenading those at the remote, Antarctic field camps via HF radio. This year, ham radio operators and SWLs around the world are invited to listen in and email listener reports. The broadcast will be on Sunday, December 23, 2300 UTC (December 24, 1200 New Zealand Time), on 7,995 kHz USB.

Email reports to Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF. Request QSLs via W2NAF on QRZ.com.

This is some very weak signal DX, but I try tuning in each year. Please comment if you’re able to snag their elusive Christmas Eve signal!

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12 thoughts on “Tune in: Holiday serenades from McMurdo Station, Antarctica

  1. AK

    I was never going to receive this in the UK, but tried several New Zealand-based KiwiSDRs and found not a sausage!

    It seems conditions were just not with us this year.

    1. Harald DL1ABJ

      Yes, but I will certainly keep on trying during the coming years 🙂

      Here in Germany around 2300 UT years ago I heard South Pole and McMurdo and a Japanese Antarctic station close to 8 MHz. So, it should be possible if conditions are right.

      Btw. New Zealand as it seems is not the best location for listening at that time because they have full daylight around 2300 UT.

  2. Luke Perry

    I got nothing in the PNW on my Kenwood R-2000 with a long wire antenna into a MFJ tuner. I figured that would be the case but I couldn’t resist trying!

    1. Rob Wagner

      Marcelo, you are right to question the propagation possibilities on this band at this time. It is midday in New Zealand and absorption is at its highest at this time in mid-summer. The broadcast is not meant for international audiences and the signals are just not going to reach past a few hundred kilometres at that time of day! I explain it in an article I wrote earlier this year:


      73, Rob VK3BVW

  3. Giuseppe

    Ascolta su USB 7995 kHz il 24 dicembre 2014 2300z (25 dicembre 1200 ora della Nuova Zelanda) e rapporti via e-mail a [email protected] .
    Sorry, you can not figure out which day you have the transmission, on the post swings it says December 23 on qrz.com it says December 24 …
    Which of the two days ???
    ’73 de Giuseppe iz0gzw.

  4. Mark Coady

    In the mid to late 1980s the ODXA used to host DXpeditions from a student leadership camp on Lake Couchiching (an hour north of Toronto). Using a Racal RA-6790 and a 300 meter wire laid on the ground due north-south I logged AFAN McMurdo Base on 6012 KHz. So, reception is possible but not guaranteed.


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