Using bus service to ship heavy vintage radios

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, James Branch, who shares the following comment regarding the shipment of heavy vintage radios:

On the issue of shipping Boat Anchors, I’ve had good experiences using Greyhound Package Express, Tough-bin structural foam footlockers and proper padding.

The parcel is loaded at the bus station of origin and usually remains on that bus to its destination without having to survive a sorting center or multiple unhappy loading personnel.

It may be inconvenient to drop off and pick up at the bus terminal, but considering the irreplaceable nature of these rigs, it’s worth the effort.

I had no idea!  Thank you for the tip, James!

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4 thoughts on “Using bus service to ship heavy vintage radios

  1. Aaron Kuhn

    Very cool idea.

    I know Amtrak offers a similar service, looks like 50 lbs max, 3’x3’x3′

    Can’t say I’ve ever used it and likely has less destinations then a Greyhound, but might be useful to someone!

  2. Jeff Benedict

    I also play the tuba and Greyhound is the preferred shipper for Tubas (properly packaged). The arrival can be a little quirky (sometimes short, sometimes long) and occasionally you have to track it down yourself but it does get there in good shape. It doesn’t always with UPS, FedEx and others. A problem that has come up with tubas is that the item is taken to a stop where the bus is going one direction and the package is going another. The package is taken out of the bus and sits in the terminal until there is a bus going the same place the package is going. Sometimes that’s the same day, sometimes it is two or three days, sometimes it’s a week but it does get there. Also, they don’t have tracking and you are kind of on your own with insurance. So, that’s what Greyhound is like with tubas. As I said, Greyhound is the preferred method to ship tubas.


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