eBay find: New In Box Sony ICF-2010, AN-1, AN-3 and AN-LP1

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who shares a link to this amazing eBay find: A Sony ICF-2010, AN-1, AN-3 and AN-LP1 all new in box.

Here’s the description:

SONY ICF-2010, AN-1, AN-3, AN-LP1 Short Wave Radio Monitoring Package
Complete package of SONY Short Wave Radio Items.
Originally purchased by me and in my possession the entire time
New In Box, never opened or removed from boxes
The radio box is still sealed with the original tape!!!
Condition is New
Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Click here to view on eBay.

I’m willing to bet this auction will fetch a tidy sum. I know I would love to open a new ICF-2010.

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3 thoughts on “eBay find: New In Box Sony ICF-2010, AN-1, AN-3 and AN-LP1

  1. Daniel garcia

    Hi i have a question how can i conect my sony icf 2010 to the wired antenna the sony external sw antenna an 60? I only have the wired and the radio

  2. Ed

    What an amazing time machine find! I wonder why that guy never opened this stuff. In 1992 I found a mint ICF-2010 at pawn shop in Philadelphia. The clerk said it was a police scanner, so I asked him to turn it on to demonstrate that it worked–knowing full well that no police would be heard. Under his fluorescent lighting, all we heard on LW/AM/SW was hum. So I suggested it might be broken and offered him $30. He took it, and I ran. It worked great outside. Now pawn shops look at eBay to see what things sell for, but decades ago knowledgeable buyers had a big advantage.

    1. William S.

      I bought a Sony ICF2001D in new condition(mint).
      Found out mine was build i the last year of production:2003
      I had a lot of portables through the years,but this amazing Sony beats all radio’s i own/owned,especially on SW.
      Only my Grundig Satellit400 has a much better sound,due theseparatedbass/treble controls.
      Was looking years for this Sony,but prices
      are so very high,now i had a change to buy this one for half the regular prices.


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