“This Is A Music Show”: Thursdays at 0100 UTC on WRMI

Many thanks to “Your Host” who writes with an announcement about his new weekly radio show via WRMI:

Just wanted to give you (and your readers) a heads-up about a new show I’ve started called “This Is A Music Show” which can be heard Thursdays 0100-0200 UTC (Wednesday evenings in the Americas) on 5850 kHz via WRMI. It’s an hour-long music program playing a variety of tunes sourced from thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and sometimes curbside. I also include some digital modes in the latter half of the show.

The first broadcast went out last [Wednesday] night, and reception was quite good at my QTH in Toronto. I recorded the show on a couple different radios/antennas and have merged the recordings into a different type of AM Stereo. It sounds pretty cool, IMO. 🙂 It can be heard here:

I hope you’ll check it out each week!

Thank you–I’ve listened to the off-air recording of episode #001 (above) and am certainly hooked. Great show!

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One thought on ““This Is A Music Show”: Thursdays at 0100 UTC on WRMI

  1. Jason

    Wow, that sounds neat! Sort of a next step from Binaural Audio Effects used by Elecraft/Flex/etc -except with the added texture of slightly different static/interference on each side! Did you intentionally add a latency between the two channels, or is that just a natural artifact of two different radios? I understand it’s about 30-50ms between each channel that creates that “3D sound” sensation. Nice music too.

    I may have the unpopular opinion that I find it hard to listen to mono recordings on headphones. It just sounds really boring/flat (I have no problem listening to mono audio from a radio speaker, but on headphones, I guess this millennial brain is too used to stereo audio). This recording style solves that issue entirely!


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