Channel Africa and other broadcasters affected by closure of Meyerton Shortwave Station

Meyerton Shortwave Station

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gaétan Teyssonneau, who notes that Channel Africa will end their shortwave service on March 31, 2019. The Meyerton Shortwave Station is closing which will effectively end Channel Africa’s shortwave service but also end Africa relays for a number of other major international broadcasters.

Alokesh Gupta reports:

“It is confirmed that Sentech of South Africa is ending SW broadcast from 31 March 2019. So Channel Africa (Old Radio RSA), BBC, NHK, VOA, AWR. Deutche Welle & South Africa Radio League etc.broadcasting via Meyerton transmitting site will be only in memory shortly informs Jeff White in the AWR Wavescan program of 24th Feb 2019. (Via Jose Jacob)

Meyerton Short Wave Broadcasting Relay station is operated by SENTECH in South Africa, the signal distributor for the South African broadcasting sector. The organisation began operations in 1992 as the signal distributor of the SABC. Sentech now operates as a commercial enterprise.”

Channel Africa is asking for your feedback and will even have management live in-studio on the dates below:

Click here to view contact details on the Channel Africa website.

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8 thoughts on “Channel Africa and other broadcasters affected by closure of Meyerton Shortwave Station

  1. Julio Cesar Pereira

    I already miss greatly Sonder Grense on 3320kHz and 9650kHz. Its signal sometimes came in almost like a local station here in southern Brasil. Sonder Grense has very colorful programming from radio drama to religious services and a lot of music.

  2. Patrick

    It will be a blow to free speech in the African continent. Cell and data services can be rather sporadic in the widespread region.

  3. Thomas Montgomery

    Please rethink your decision of closing the Myerton station. It’s a valuable asset to those of us in North America.

  4. David L Gordon

    Curious whether they intend ending Radio Sonder Grense on 90 meters. God, I remember when they had multiple national services including Springbok Radio, the English and Afrikaans services, The All Night Service, Radio 5 etc etc. Of course in those days, they had no TV (40 years ago) so radio production was a big deal. Still, I can usually hear the three 90 meter Africans every night, TWR Manzini, Radio Sonder Grense and Channel Africa.

  5. James_Deanno

    thats a bummer, but whats worse is shortwave listening inside the contental United States, all the shortwave broadcasters are religious nuts that blather fundamentalist christian rantings and then want listeners to send them money, or tinfoil asshats like alex jones who blathers his tinfoil asshattery conspiracy theories that makes me wonder why the government has not locked him up for conspiracy to cause insurrection,


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