Balázs spots a Hallicrafters in “The Walking Dead”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Balázs Kovács, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

Some radio fixing and a plan to create a radio connection between the survivor settlements in the latest (shocking) episode of The Walking Dead (S09E15):

Very cool, Balázs–thanks for sharing!

So can anyone name the model of the Hallicrafters rig on the table?  Please comment!

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2 thoughts on “Balázs spots a Hallicrafters in “The Walking Dead”

    1. Thomas M Beaudry

      Definitely. My earliest memories are sitting on my uncle’s lap while he worked CW with his Hallicrafter SX101 / HT32 combo. Fate may have had a part in the purchase as he obtained them mear weeks before my birth in November 1959. Seeing the pair still tugs at my heart. His daughter offered them to me upon his passing and of course I accepted. Unfortunately I was under contract with NMR, the TV ratings people, helping fix any Y2K problems. As such, I was never able to pick them up. I still wonder what happened with them…


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