Radio Deal: Eton Executive Satellite $96.68 shipped

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gregg Freeby, who writes:

I just noticed the Eton Executive Satellite is now priced under $100 on Amazon. I’m sure it will change again soon but this is the lowest I’ve seen it at $96.68 at the time of this writing. Not too many sub $100 radios out there with the features this radio has. I also noticed that this radio is “sold out” on the Eton website – they actually point you to Amazon, so it may be reaching it’s end of life from a retail standpoint.

Wow–Gregg this is the best price I’ve ever seen on the Executive Satellite.  If you’ve been considering one, this would be the time to pull the trigger. I have the non-executive version, but I’m still tempted to snag one of these. It is an excellent performer and the audio from the internal speaker is better than most other portables its size.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Eton Executive Satellite $96.68 shipped

  1. Troy Riedel

    This model was introduced on Amazon on December 23rd, 2016, for the price of $77.32 … for approximately 55-hours before the price was raised to $199.xx, the initial suggested retail price.

    Amazon hasn’t had it listed for this low since December 26th, 2016 (at 4:35 A.M. to be specific) …

    I saw it sold out on another web site (not Eton) about 2-weeks ago and I concur that this radio is likely at the end of it’s “new retail” life.

  2. Guy Atkins

    Wow, it’s dropped even further– the price is now $92.65 for this Eton Executive Satellite deal. I snagged another one :^)

  3. DanH

    The Eton Grundig Edition Satellit is the earlier, “non-management” version of the Eton Executive Satellit. It is also available at a deep discount. The two Eton Satellits are cosmetically different but otherwise identical. The Operating Instructions booklet is identical for both versions and includes generic line drawings appropriate for either model. The Eton Grundig Edition Satellite is packed with a soft case while the Executive Satellit has a leather flap cover. Either radio is still a good value when priced near the US $100 mark. FM (including RDS), shortwave (including SSB) and air band performance are the strong suits of these radios. The LOCAL/DX slide switch on my non-management Satellit broke after two months (in the DX position, luckily), otherwise I have been happy with it. Actually, I prefer the color scheme and the lettering quality of the earlier version.

    Eton Grundig Edition Satellit on eBay US $104.33


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