Mali shortwave relay site back on the air with CRI

(Source: Radio World)

China Radio International Recommits to Africa

Mali relay site near Bamako is back on air diffusing China Radio’s shortwave signal. The site carries CRI’s shortwave broadcasts for more than 20 frequency hours a day to Africa. The move has also benefited Mali’s own shortwave transmissions, which were reportedly suffering from weak signals and poor modulation. “The reactivation of the facility is in contrast to the shuttering of other shortwave sites on the continent, such as the Sentech facility in Meyerton, South Africa,” writes Hans Johnson.

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3 thoughts on “Mali shortwave relay site back on the air with CRI

  1. TomL

    Expect China to ramp up investments in Africa across many fronts, especially food production. Many desert areas are greening again based on very long term cycles. Besides, it is quite entertaining to listen to Chinese trying to speak French (probably as bad as me trying to speak Chinese)!


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