Mike’s expanding collection of SDRplay tutorial videos

Besides making great receivers, one of the things I love about SDRplay is their focus on providing user documentation and tutorials. We’ve mentioned before that SDRplay’s Mike Ladd (KD2KOG) actively creates tutorial videos exploring a number of SDRplay topics. To date, he’s produced over 20 videos–!

If you own an SDRplay product, I’d strongly recommend checking out Mike’s video list even if you feel you’re already a pro user. The videos are easy to follow and are chock-full of SDRuno tips and tricks.

I’ve pasted the latest links to the Mike’s videos below but I would encourage you to check the SDRplay YouTube channel (link below) and this page for the latest episodes as they are regularly updated.

From the SDRplay Ham Guides page:

As SDRplay RSPs get used for more and more receiver applications, we felt we didn’t want to lose sight of the large number of people who love short wave listening and HF ham radio, so we have created “Ham Guides” as a place where we focus on providing tuition and help for all aspects of receiving radio signals at 30MHz and below. This includes set up and use of SDRuno, and tips and techniques on key related topics such as decoding, propagation and antennas.

The SDRplay Ham Guides YouTube channel can be found here, at  www.youtube.com/c/SDRplayHamGuides 

SDRplay Ham Guides complements the main SDRplay YouTube channel and all the documentation available via https://www.sdrplay.com/downloads/and the searchable resources in our Applications and Support Catalogue: https://www.sdrplay.com/apps-catalogue/

If you have ideas for what you’d like to see more of, then add your comments to the videos or email me at [email protected]

  1. This is the first video of many to follow. Showing basic operation of SDRuno using a RSP1a SDR.https://youtu.be/ngv60EWiJ3U
  2. Minimum requirements for running SDRuno.https://youtu.be/Rn3tuiIOvmM
  3. Virtual audio cable basics in SDRuno.https://youtu.be/ZF86cK5vukY
  4. Shaping the sound of shortwave broadcast stations using SDRuno.https://youtu.be/smvfCGx6zO8
  5. Using SDRuno’s built in software notch filters.https://youtu.be/5K92dG2sedw
  6. SDRuno basics, MultiPSKhttps://youtu.be/tnqfJhsvGFA
  7. SDRuno basics, Import the free EiBi HF databasehttps://youtu.be/ZJlfxaudaNI
  8. SDRuno basics, The EX CONTROL panel part 1.https://youtu.be/1XdBqXcyuzw
  9. SDRuno basics, The EX CONTROL panel part 2.https://youtu.be/H0RJVy4u5Ro
  10. SDRuno basics, My HF frequency lists part 1.https://youtu.be/KiNjsvKHVeU
  11. SDRuno basics, My HF frequency lists part 2.https://youtu.be/Rx3B-6h_CIw
  12. SDRuno basic, Decoding WEFAX using Black Cat HF Weather Fax decoder.https://youtu.be/juTdBpTDVp0
  13. SDRuno basics, Removing wide band noise.https://youtu.be/_GtozskwFAY
  14. SDRuno basics, CSV user list browser.https://youtu.be/1vu5fAjdRHw
  15. SDRuno basics, RSPduo, dual tuner mode, listening and decoding signalshttps://youtu.be/1vu5fAjdRHw
  16. SDRuno basic, VRX-Virtual receivershttps://youtu.be/ndUPm6Nccb8
  17. Why I chose a loop.https://youtu.be/XesvzZG-Mi8
  18. SDRuno basics, decoding CTCSS/DCS toneshttps://youtu.be/PM3WOMF7_eM
  19. SDRplay user support options and resourceshttps://youtu.be/nXnrBaoKKjs
  20. RSRduo with dual W6LVP loops Part 1https://youtu.be/w5SrDtUxhQU
  21. RSRduo with dual W6LVP loops Part 2https://youtu.be/ikUymHFkCcY
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5 thoughts on “Mike’s expanding collection of SDRplay tutorial videos

  1. David Davison

    Make SDRUNO for the Mac OS! I picked up the SRDplay RSP1A at Hamvention this year and love it, and it works very well with Cubic SDR, but I would love to have the features of SDRUNO without having to buy a cheap windows machine or put windows on my Mac.

    SDRplay makes a wonderful product, and their videos are very helpful. I just with SDRUNO was available for the Mac OS.


    1. Rob Wagner

      Hear, hear!! With all the Macs out there, it’s about time developers showed some love for Apple. One of the reasons why I haven’t gone into SDRs is that it is just not available for the most stable of operating systems. And as my Macs are used for higher-level photography and video processing, there is no way I’m going to add Windoze to those machines.

    2. RonF


      I don’t own any of their SDRs, but I’ve played with both a RSP1A & RSP2 – nice SDRs, Cubic SDR is OK but clunky, and running SDRuno in VirtualBox is just clunky. If there was a native MacOS version of SDRuno, I’d buy one direct from SDRplay (and avoid the Australia Tax 😉 )

      1. David Davison

        I started with an RTL SDR and it actually worked pretty well for a $20.00 dongle and cheap antenna. When I got the SDRplay it worked a lot better with the cheap antenna. I have since hooked up an HF vertical and I’m getting much more activity. I’m not affiliated in any way with SDRplay, but after researching SDR receivers and playing with some at Hamvention, I can say I think I made the right choice. Just wish SDRUNO was available on the Mac.

    3. Mark Fahey

      Me too! I have an SDR Play RSP Duo here which as only been on about 15 minutes since I got it. If there was a MacOS SDRUNO for it it would be travelling the world in my backpack!


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