Radio Deal: Eton Executive series shortwave radios hitting all-time low prices

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Christian, who writes:

Although I fear I sound like a broken record, your readers should be aware that this is a good time to buy Eton Executive series radios. On Amazon the prices are edging lower everyday while supplies last. Obviously Eton is making way for their new Elite series.

Here are the current prices. Many are all time low prices…

Thank you for the tip, Christian!

Please note that I changed the links above to Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase on Amazon, it will support the SWLing Post at no extra cost to you. If you’d rather not use affiliate links, simply go to Amazon and do a manual search using the model names above and search for those prices.

I agree with you, Christian: Eton is obviously liquidating their “Executive” models to make way for the new Elite series.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Eton Executive series shortwave radios hitting all-time low prices

  1. Mike S

    Eton just seems to keep re-releasing the same radios year after year with even more super-duper sounding names and different wrapping. Admittedly the market is shrinking and R&D costs on true new designs would likely not be recouped, but why the constant churn?

    “someradio” becomes “someradio grundig edition” becomes “someradio executive” becomes “someradio elite” beomes ….

  2. Jerry V Di Trolio

    Boy That’s a good buy for a Grinding Satellite Shortwave Radio,I would consider purchasing one,when I get a chance!

  3. Eldee Stephens

    Does anyone know the actual changes between the ‘Executive’ and ‘Elite’ line of radios? For example, what changed between the ‘Executive’ Traveler and the ‘Elite’ Traveler, or the regular Mini and the ‘Elite’ Mini? Is this published anywhere?


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