Radio Deal: Panasonic RF-2400D on Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who notes that the Panasonic RF-2400D is currently on sale at for $23.52 shipped.

If you’ve been looking for a super-basic, AM/FM portable radio, the RF-2400D is worth considering. The RF-2400D reminds me of the Sony ICF-38: slide rule dial, few controls and a power cord that plugs directly into the back (no “wall wart” style power supply needed). Like most modern portables, the 2400D is a DSP receiver, thus subject to “steps” as you band scan across the analog dial. It’s all pretty smooth, though and feels like an analog radio. I have spent a little time with the RF-2400D and thought it to be a pleasant, little simple radio. It’s not a DX machine, but can easily receive all of your local stations and night time flame throwers.

I often receive inquiries from readers who are seeking a simple radio for an elderly friend or relative–one that’s tactile, easy to operate, and affordable.  The Panasonic RF-2400D fits the bill!

Click here to view on (this affiliate link supports the SWLing Post).

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2 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Panasonic RF-2400D on Amazon

  1. William Patalon III

    Thomas …

    Great little post …

    Underscores the great ‘mix’ of news, stories, how-to features and product info that makes your blog a “must-read” spot for radio hobbyists.

    And the fact that this story — like so many others — stems from a reader “tip” spotlights the fact that you gave a dedicated, enthusiastic audience.

    You fill a big need, Thomas — and you donit superbly …


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