RTÉ longwave service temporarily suspended

(Source: Southgate ARC)

RTÉ on 252 Khz is now off air for a possible 10 weeks or so and in the UK we can hear signals from Algeria Chaine 3 even now in the middle of the day.

Earlier this year the chair of Ireland’s Oireachtas Communications Hildegarde Naughton TD (Galway West and South Mayo) announced that a major antenna upgrade will ensure the transmission of RTÉ on long-wave will continue for at least the next two years.: “The maintenance of long wave radio for the Irish diaspora is a significant concern to the Committee.”

She announced that service will have to be “temporarily suspended” for approximately ten weeks, but RTÉ has said it will endeavour to complete the works as quickly as possible.

“I welcome the efforts being made to continue this service, which serves as an invaluable link between the diaspora and home,” she added.

See http://www.theirishworld.com/reprieve-for-rte-longwave/

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4 thoughts on “RTÉ longwave service temporarily suspended

  1. Grant


    I am looking information on Algeria Chaine 3 that is transmitting on 252 kHz? it has been coming in most nights here in Toronto, Canada. Long wave band is not used here, I have been listening to LW band on and off for about 20 years, and this is the first time I ever hard any radio stations on this band.

    Have they up their TX power or have they done any upgrades to get such distance? I would expected to hear stations from Europe not from Africa.

    By the way I do not understand a word of French.

  2. Braden Glett KD8ZM

    Can these stations be heard in the USA, usually? If so, is there a practical size antenna that can work on this low frequency?

  3. Patrick Fitzpatrick

    It was off for 8 hours on Wednesday 10 July 2019. This was a scheduled outage, advised by 2rn. Back on since, and I am not aware of any expected close down for 10 weeks.

    I heard Algeria at 1 pm on 10 July at fair strength. I am about 50 miles from the transmitter in Ireland, but I can null out RTE and hear Algeria at night, using my Wellbrook loop.


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