Waffle House Tee: “Proudly Serving Ham Radio Operators”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Yowell, who writes:

Thomas – while I was in Dayton last month (after Hamvention), I stopped in a Waffle House and noticed all the workers were wearing the same T-Shirt which had emblazoned on the back “Proudly Serving Ham Radio Operators”!

I asked if the shirts were for sale and was told I needed to contact the regional office in Huber Heights which handles all Dayton area Waffle Houses. It turns out that for the past decade or so, every year in June the Waffle Houses in the Dayton area would have their employees wear shirts to honor Hamvention.

I was told the designs and colors are different every year, but this is what this year’s shirt looks like. They sold it to me do $18 including shipping!

Thank you, Robert. The connection between the Waffle House and Ham Radio has been a mystery to me and you’ve solved it! Each year at Hamvention, like you, I see Waffle House shirts floating around everywhere. Thanks for sharing!

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3 thoughts on “Waffle House Tee: “Proudly Serving Ham Radio Operators”


    I’m not sure they are set up to taking massive orders, and they would not take a credit card – I had to send a check. But you should call them first during weekdays to confirm how many shirts they have left at 937-235-0021.

  2. Michael Black

    That’ nice. An acknowedgement that there is an influx of hams that month in the area, but it doesn’t exploit, just makes them feel welcomes me.



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