Time for a little Radio Therapy…

Yesterday, my calendar was pretty full. Not an uncommon thing these days. I needed a break from all of the running around town, so I set aside the better part of an hour to play radio.

I packed up my Panasonic RF-B65 and the latest copy of the WRTH. (I didn’t plan to actually reference the WRTH’s schedules for this outing, but I do enjoy reading through the station listings while I tune around.)

I found a local park en route to my next appointment and set up my kit on a picnic table only moments after light rain had moved through the area.

I didn’t know what propagation would be like, and frankly I didn’t care. Sometimes, it’s just nice to tune through the bands and see what’s there.

I call this a “radio therapy” session because, for a small portion of the day, the ritual takes my mind off of everything else around me.  I get some of the same benefit from mountain biking and reading a good book (although, not at the same time).

Everything was going according to plan: the weather was pleasant, I had the whole park to myself, and Hazel (my canine companion) noted each and every squirrel within a 50 meter radius of our picnic table.

My bliss was cut short by two things.

First of all, the batteries in my Panasonic were running low. I had forgotten to charge them. (Doh!) Oh well. That didn’t really matter because secondly, a landscaping company brought their crew by to mow the grass…starting at my side of the park!

That’s okay–I still managed to get a good twenty minutes of radio therapy and Hazel counted at least 47 squirrels to harass on a future visit.

Hazel thinking, “Seriously? Another pack?”

I’ve also been evaluating a soon-to-be-released pack manufactured in Montana by Red Oxx. Turns out, it’s the perfect size to protect my RF-B65 and still have room for a copy of the WRTH, a wire antenna and–had I thought about it in advance–four spare AA batteries. Since I’m also a certified pack geek, expect to see a review of this mystery bag soon!

Anyone else planning a little radio therapy soon?  Please comment!

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9 thoughts on “Time for a little Radio Therapy…

  1. Max

    This happens quite often with radios that still use the obsolete AA batteries so you have to travel with a spare set and a charger. It doesn’t happen with radios that use a 18650 lithium battery (or the flat ones) that last much longer and can be recharged with a simple usb cable while you drive the car.

  2. Jake Brodsky, AB3A

    My sad radio therapy story was when I was relaxing in the desert in the Middle east at night. I was laying in a hammock, I powered up my YB400 that I have taken around the world, and I wanted to hear the LW band from that location for the first time in many years.

    My batteries ran out in about three minutes. The nearest convenience store was too many miles to drive to. Argh!

    1. Thomas Post author

      Me too! 🙂 I just love Red Oxx bags. They’re built to last a lifetime and a guaranteed to back it. They’re a fantastic company.


  3. Marcus Keulertz

    Hi Thomas,
    Did you know what I red about rechargeable batteries a couple of monthes ago,when to plan a DX’pedition or just a simple listen in session. They need to be fully charged in case of low alkaline ones. Did you remember when I sent you those pics when I was in the outskirts of my hometown with my tiny Tecsun radio. I was powered with the marvelous Eneloops.
    Next time don’t forget them.

  4. Andrew

    That’s how things were meant to be once; sit at a nice olace, look around and loose yoursrlf in whatever thought” including watching squirrels or clouds ir whatever … while juggling with tge radio, if you then get something … fine, if not … fine as well 🙂

    Enjoy !


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