Jupiter’s radio noise

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bruce Atchison, who writes:

I came across this video last year and I thought you’d be interested in it. I also picked up Jupiter on my CB radio one morning. We all wondered what was generating those sounds of waves crashing on the beach. Later on, I learned about Jupiter’s powerful radio bursts.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Thanks for sharing this, Bruce!

I got a kick out of the narration–especially the subjective comment regarding the sound of Jupiter heard on radio: “The noise is disturbing…”

The narrator is obviously not a radio listener or astronomer! Ha ha!

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4 thoughts on “Jupiter’s radio noise

  1. JD

    An interesting video except for one glaring error. Jupiter emits signals around 10 MHz to 25 MHz and they could never be received by the AM radio in your car as the narrator incorrectly stated.

    Even if Jupiter were to emit AM broadcast band signals, they would not be heard on earth. Signals from above the earth’s atmosphere on AM broadcast band frequencies would be reflected back out to space.

  2. Cap

    “The narrator is obviously not a radio listener or astronomer! Ha ha!”

    Yes, but I think he’s an Eagles fan.

    “…on a dark desert highway…”


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